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“Annetta’s got bucket-loads of guts and determination, and she’s needed them every step of the way”


~Ronald Reagan Jr.

Born on May 14, 1967, in Thousand Oaks, California, Annetta Lucero went on to become a world-class athlete, setting numerous world records and blazing a trail in the misunderstood sport of competitive baton twirling. She is referred to as a living legend in her sport.


World-class TwirlSport athlete, Annetta Lucero was born in to a family of baton twirling athletes. Her mother and 4 aunts competed in the 1950’s and 60’s. Although she was born with medical conditions including 3 missing vertebrae, systemic lupus and epilepsy her mother pursued training her as a toddler. Lucero’s home life was tumultuous as her father was an unstable presence in her early years and was involved in illicit activities. The young athlete eventually found refuge and world- class instructors, at the age of 12, Jerry Alvarez and Annette Odello recognized her raw talent and took her under their wings.


Breaks Records
Part pioneer, part rebel, Lucero dominated the sport of competitive baton twirling throughout the 1980’s, setting records and breaking rules. She became the youngest Grand National Solo Champion at the age of 13 and the first athlete to win the title back to back, ignoring the courtesy rule to sit out for a year. Lucero was the youngest Sr. Woman athlete to win the WBTF World championships in 1983 after just turning 16, and the oldest to win in 1997, returning after 10 years of retirement from the sport, at age 31. After her competitive years, Annetta blazed new trails for her sport, as a performer and choreographer in circus, theater, commercials and special events. She holds two Guinness Book World Records.


Writer, Speaker, Inspiration
Despite the many accolades and victories, Annetta Lucero’s life has been filled with challenges, and heartache. She endured abuse of every variety as a child, and was plagued by her medical conditions. The eldest of her 4 children was born with a rare, degenerative brain disorder and died in her arms at the age of 16. Weeks later she was hit head on by a teen driver and her torso was crushed. Throughout the dramas in her life she has retained a remarkably positive viewpoint that is contagious and inspiring to all who have witnessed her resilience. She has reached wide audiences through her writing, and has presented her inspiring story at speaking engagements all over the world. Annetta Lucero does not only bare her soul, she magnetically reflects the art of living and winning in all she does.


The Book
In The Tao of Winning, Annetta Lucero has translated her experiences into wonderfully, inspiring stories that each convey a life enhancing message, even in the face of adversity, loss and death. Whether from Winning, Losing, or Letting Go, each story in her book contains the essence of Annetta’s ‘Tao,’ her positive and life affirming philosophy. Tao is a Chinese word meaning ‘way’ or ‘doctrine’ and neatly sums up Annetta Lucero’s approach to both her training and her life. It has sustained her through fear and failure, hardship and heartache.


This is her Tao of Winning.