Clinic & Workshop Classes include; but are not limited to: 

Rolls ~ How to feel rolls, how to keep speed consistent during a roll series. How to connect rolls fluidly. Inventing rolls.

Contact Material ~ Unique combinations of flash, speed and timing. Wraps, whips, flips and drills that enhance handling.

Horizontals ~ The art of an amazing flat series. Horizontal series that build speed and interest.

Catch & Release ~ Interesting tosses and unusual retrieval. How to place and time your baton for success of the catch.

Travel Tricks ~ Dance, footwork and gymnastics movements under high tosses or combination flip tosses.

Class Choreography ~ A super fun freestyle/dance-twirl  set to music and created through a class effort.

Psychology of Competition ~ The underlying message throughout all of the classes. How to control your thought process in order to achieve the best results in practice, competition and life. 


Private Baton Twirling Lessons - Choreography for all routines including, FREESTYLE, DANCE-TWIRL, SOLO-ONE BATON, PAIRS, 2 BATON, X STRUT, SHOW TWIRL, VARIETY PROPS, TEAMS.

I love teaching and sharing my lifetime of knowledge and experience with all who are willing to learn. I teach group, private and shared private lessons. 

I am not just a baton twirling and circus arts instructor, I am a performance expert. I focus not only on tricks and series but on finding purpose and passion in order to produce a full composition of movement and feeling unique to every individual.

I put great emphasis on the psychology of sport and competing from a positive place. My goal is to bring the joy of performance and a healthy perspective to as many athlete/artists as I can. 

~Annetta Lucero


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